About the Farm

We try to offer a large range of pork produce. The animals are specially selected from
our best crossbreed. The type of pig produced from these two types of pig makes the meat succulent and tender.

Povey Farm extends to some 240 acres and lies in the picturesque Moss Valley, fairly close to the Sheffield / Derbyshire county boundary. The land is undulating with steep banks towards the valley bottom. The underlying rock (coal measure sandstone) comes very close to the surface on the brows of the hills and is often ploughed up to the surface, sometimes causing damage to implements. The farm lies around 400 feet above sea level, with an average rainfall of 808mm. p.a. The farm is family run, with the 4th Generation now farming here.

  • Crops and Pigs

1st. year Oilseed Rape (OSR)

2nd.year Winter Wheat (Feed)

3rd. year Winter Wheat (Feed)

4th. year Winter Barley

Crop / Acres
Winter Wheat-Feed 110
Winter Barley-Feed 40
Winter Oilseed Rape 20
Spring Oilseed Rape 30
Farm Buildings and Roads 2.5
Woodland 37.5

All the cereals when harvested are stored on the farm until its fed to the pigs through on-farm mill and mixing.
The OSR is sold direct off the combine, as we
do not have a store capable of drying them.
LABOUR-Family plus 2 Full time employees and 2 part time helper.

There are about 220 Sows kept at Povey. Most of their offspring are finished to 76 Kg. deadweight. The majority of the sows are Large White (Lw.) cross Landrace (Lr.), which gives us the benefit of hybrid vigour. There is a small Nucleus Herd of both pure Lw. & Lr. sows to enable us to breed further Lw./Lr. cross sows. Thus we can minimize the risk of bringing in disease by breeding all our own replacements. This includes also our breeding boars, of which there are now 3.

1 Combine harvester, 1 JCB
2 Tractors with ploughs, drill, cultivation equipment, straw handling, etc.

All repairs and fabrication are carried out in the farm workshop.